Our love, the universe

Her longing is too thirsty for me to appease

But If the moon is just a piece of what used to be,
then I am lost inside its forgotten, celestial garden

She’s amazed by night’s fast-forward button.
I spin in the beginning;
allow the healing to do the thinking,
wash myself dry inside the daytime sky
until I am renewed.

The very thought of you,
the push and pull of a creator’s descent
tugs us toward the sea
its weight brings me to my knees
we all wish to be set free, from the chains of life’s insanity
but find peace inside the space
where waves have a way of rocking us to sleep

She remains in perfect pieces
when she’s angry, the temper inside her rises on fire
Like a moth to a flame,
I am drawn in by the passion
In awe of the falling stars within the universe, inside her

But how daunting is it?
to feel how much love you can hold for someone
before truly understanding how to go about loving yourself.
Now I know,
loving you, is loving me
because we are one.


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