Catch and release

my heart is an empty echo
beating wildly against a forgotten drum
bang bang bang
— as a whisper
in the discreetness of a 30 degree evening
between warm sheets which border the two of us like politics

I must be rusty
yet my heart has loved almost everyone
now my lips are chapped and the wrists grow flimsy
too fatigued to believe in handwritten letters the way I used to

I am throwing out the television this year
and crying at the site of butterflies
it may not have been a surprise but one year later we burst from rainbow cocoons
its typical to hunger for June
but it felt wrong to want something I already had beside me

we embody the parts of us that run wild
restless, sexed or sexless,
feed me bareback, to the wolves when they are crying
no one has to believe me
or in the break that aches from the inside

because without stitches,
I just learn how to bleed without anyone noticing 


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