Wishing well

Whispering pennies
thrown inside a wishing well
to stop the clock, and its addict-like time consumption
what do you think about when you are lying in the dark, alone?
do your fingertips miss my forearms?
do you notice your ankles, tired from the stride in your unwavering step?
have you disregarded your own heavy eyelids, for mind corruption?

Maybe none of this was meant to make sense,
but I could feel myself sinking in deeply
I have lost the old me inside a foreign galaxy,
and I don’t expect her back anytime soon.

Melt me with the ice from winter’s mourning
let me misplace the old, exhausted patterns
let the mind stand still-
humbly, in its lack of thinking.
let me not be lost in thought of your beaming irises
but surrender to me, without hesitation or persuasion

I will creatively untie the ribbons you have sown into the gashes of your heart space,
holding the black and blue masterpiece inside my callused palms.
Remove the insurmountable weight he has placed on you,
through tearful words and honeymoon abuse–
erase the misplacement of your breathtaking self
Believe in the radiance, gasping to breathe from your own lungs
exhale his remarks-
torch the memories in gasoline-

love doesn’t have to be a hurtful tragedy
now that you have found me.


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