Life has opened

after months of dreary skies and past-time tears
Possibility has unfolded like a love letter, held warmly in my pocket

two hearts unravel at the site of sunshine
unveiling each layer, bodies melting like candle wax
just at the thought of touching your skin

the sky softens,
its clouds revealing citrus sunlight
in its most delightful form.
I make note to breathe into this-
this space we have built,
free of chains and mental prisons

Fully present in the shared, electric ecstasy
in tracing our curious fingertips
and the fleeting, cosmic bliss
which blossoms sunshine out the sides of your lips when three smiles light up the room

the hours carry us closer to
this sacred place,
of minds unifying peacefully.
Where you can dance safety within our neon galaxy
Without fearing loss of gravity

What can this be?
Between us,
but earth ecstasy,
when every inch of me is illuminated
and every inch of both of you, makes up the constellation of my heart



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