“Nevertheless she persisted”

In a world that sees you as a pretty smile
waiting to crumble beneath leather-shined shoes
you stand out like a sore thumb
yet remain entirely invisible,

your long brunette locks entice the jocks
and lead women astray
“inconceivable”, they say
when you tell them how far away you are on the Kinsey scale from them

Still they try to mold you
into a challenge of achievable victory
Still you breathe in women like you haven’t taken a breath of fresh air in decades
and maybe it is so,
that they learn to swallow their pride
and you learn to swallow your pain
watch it drain from your body, past your hips and onto the shower floor
in mourning, in healing, in relief.

When you are locked in a room
or the foreign body you have allowed to entrap you,
anxiety seems to be the only one listening.
it holds you like a ghost’s unfinished memory
It will not let you sleep.

Instead it buries you deep
like a unconscious seed waiting to bloom
from the darkest pit of your stomach–
the lotus flourishes in mud
it may be quite the eyesore,
but it’s an achievable victory,
the sweet serenity of your brave authenticity
living humbly, inside a feminine body

In a world that sees you as a pretty smile
there are some that will quote you as unforgettable 
even when you aren’t paying attention

choreographed femme
radiant bright light
girl fanatic
gather your cloak and lipstick
don’t let them steal your worth
I see your pretty smile staring back at me inside the bathroom mirror
I see your shredded thumbs that just want to hold a soulful someone
I see the hungry glances you take at women’s curves
I see the stride inside each step

Nevertheless you’ve persisted
you have bore witness to your own success
you have effortfully granted love access
to the insurmountable truth living inside your head
And you will live honestly
trying to articulate the extent of its beauty
until they see


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