As much as the vaulting night sky

Let me apprehend your existence between long glances
between starry night skies
incinerated by your bedroom eyes

Let my hands delicately read you like braille, as I follow the path your body has led
All these years you have existed, without living
All these years you did not realize you were beautiful

Now I realize what is beautiful

How it can be found underneath the shade of the trees,
moonlight sweeping across my knees

When it is rooted in the language we share over pillow talk
arms branching from me to you, to form an us

It is the place beside you
seated in sunshine
it basks, in the glow from jasmine candles dancing across my ceiling
feeding our hungry silhouettes
as they flicker against the darkness

There is nothing more sensual than spoken intimacy
nothing I love as much as the vaulting night sky
and your thighs enlaced in mine.


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