sip up your morning coffee in exchange for an extra 45 mins of peace

when she asks if crying yourself to sleep is apart of the process,
tell her discreetly that,
the universe will only listen to her plea
when she begins cracking open her 

begin taking your own advice.
start cracking open your cocoon

scratch your name illegibly across your childhood bedroom wall

paint an array of happiness-dipped-stability
in the form of a social media museum

make them all hesitate
glance and then look away
unworried. unknowing, unamused

light a fire on your knees
as if someone had once taught you how

impress her on your weekend getaway
make your arms feel more like home

pretend no one has ever rung you dry like a reusable dish rag
extinguish the flames inside your chest before she has the chance to witness them
dancing in your irises

float to the bottom of the pool effortlessly
just so you can scream

feel the caffeine disrupt the blood stream
watch the fingers vibrate in unison
stretch the legs to the sky
until you’re free

Redefine logic and reason
stop following the rules written in past centuries

break the forth wall,
begin loving yourself

Reevaluate simplicity
turn off the advertising and subliminal mind corruption

start listening to your own voice on repeat

watch the days go by without hesitation
lay flowers in your thoughts on the top of his imaginary grave

stop watching the clock
as if it were going to explode
sip the coffee slow


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