Always with me

I want to admit the subtleties that have no language.
The treasure in my heart, 
the static cling of our clothing.
Forget me knots and messy hair.
Coffee stains and early rising accents, conveyed by sleepy smiles.
With you I am as carefree as a child.
The imagination dancing.
The tune on repeat of us moaning by candlelight. Our good night kisses and your strong arms to fall asleep in
bite my lip when missing you,
tumble through daylight, tumbleweed night sky riding madly.
Your lap, 
My sanctuary. 
Translate our chaos into beauty – so my native tongue makes sense to your senses.
Absence strength like absinth tea,
I love you in small purchases.
In snow storms, and hips igniting.
Bathtub bubbles and fresh cut pineapple breeze
Lovers under covers and winter sheets smothering us in an unconscious haze.
Love of my life,
slick thighed and restless, ever bending.
You run like wind and beam like sun.
Hard to believe something so peaceful could come undone
but where they see scars, I see history.

So Let me keep writing The “us” out of the romance novels and pixie dust story tales
let our story become tangible to them.
Let it bring tears of misunderstanding just to guide us to safety.
To ensure the past was a written rule of knowledge not a mistake
The double take of eyes to your hands on my body, this body – a temple. I have cherished, I have starved, I have punished, I have loved.
Holds you effortlessly.
Souls feel holy.
And I could never let you go, 
Even when you aren’t with me


3 thoughts on “Always with me

      1. oh my love, let me take a peek at your heart, while i feel your hand in mine, only to smile you to sleep, for oh my love, i’d whisper poetry, that’d be all just for you, for oh you lovely, lady! you’re beautiful, just the way you’re!


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