The spark within

A light can catch fire
despite its decade of darkness
but as the 10 year mark comes to a close, I cant help but see beauty in the distant future.

Too old for christmas presents, she says
but too young to afford practical health care, I find;
the family’s black sheep
still weeping in my dreams within every state I live in

How can I let go?
how can I let her in,
when they did not take the time to build me a door?
Instead Im scorned for the very path I was led to

Without you is paining my system
all the wisdom sucked through a straw when thirsty
always so thirsty
for inclusion, for understanding
But don’t blame them.

Don’t blame them for not being able to see, a light they didn’t intend on dimming
don’t blame them for the debauchery or manic episodes
mothers closeted tears
sisters binge and purge
fathers existence lost at sea

This is a life that is still worth living,
if only you can find the light again
and let it in.


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