It is not too big a twist to learn I grew up catholic
but now follow a more compassionate path.
It is not too big a twist to realize medication grown from the ground is a plant,
not a sin
it should not turn one into a criminal
or invoke stereotypical images.

While red wine is delicious,
its just not the one that calms the restlessness
or eases the sting of depressions listlessness
Alcohol only fuels the fire,
steals memories from me in my sleep
left with giant brain gaps and antidepressant brain zaps, my brain swears it can feel pain
despite its lack of nerve reception
it is only hazy when the glasses are over flowing and my thirst runs hungrily.

Still they say,
it’s acceptable, to drink after a long day of work
ignoring the efforts of the liver, which oxidize just one drink per hour

Still they say,
Utilizing Marijuana is unlawful, worthy of criminalization
it is still refer madness in Minnesota,
it is still considered debaucherySatan’s smoke, a Gate-way drug.
Racist propaganda of its descent from Mexico into the US leads to Mexican prejudice,
where loss of crops cultivate cartels from Colombian origin and lead to mass criminalization.

Marijuana’s unfortunately overlooked beauty, and healing properties date back to 2900 Bc when a Chinese emperor referenced its existence as a beneficial medicine, that eased the pain of symptoms from childbirth, insomnia, nausea, anxiety, surgery, and cancer.
Popularly used by hippies, drop outs, and celebrities in the 1960s, the plant became a symbol for resisting authority and rebellion. Harshly classified as a schedule 1 drug in  1970 by the Reagan administration, it became strictly regulated, and thus more difficult for researchers to analyze, or prove what is now proven… after becoming mainstream again in the late 1990’s, thanks to music and Hollywood celebrities. With easier access, researchers found the plants capabilities to be similar to those documented in 2900 BC, but doctors chose only to treat patients with severe illnesses.

For patients who do not possess a terminal disease,  but experiencing crippling symptoms of anxiety, depression, post-partum depression, PTSD, PMS, nausea, eating disorders, insomnia, etc. are often disqualified from medical marijuana use in strict states..(ehem, MINNESOTA), due to their symptoms ranking less important than a cancer patients or a seizing person. These “less important” symptoms to government regulated doctor’s eyes are left to be treated by the infamously dangerous, government regulated BIG PHARMA, American Pharmaceutical company.

Not considered a criminal or threat to society on seratonin reuptake inhibitors, I am trapped, into an addictive prison where my symptoms are not fully treated, and my body is taken over by chemicals to “balance” me.
Inhaling the smoke of dried flowers, containing mostly the compounds from delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, (THC)– which neurological affect the body by releasing an uptake of the neurotransmitter norepinephrine, is illegal in the state of Minnesota.
So my highly addictive, dangerous medication is all that is legally available to me. To combat the symptoms that are worthy of treatment with my preferred medical route are not recognized by the state I currently live in. Therefore, I am subjected to the legal help/dismay from the pharmaceutical company’s vindictive, addiction-bearing industry.




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