Is she with you,
in the early breath of the morning’s sigh
lying there next to you in a hazy sleep
almost comatose and peaceful.
Do you look at her breathlessly, as her eye lids twitch through dreams?

Is she your voice of reason,
each time your arms extend to reach goals you set well before you knew her?
Knew what she tasted like on summer nights,
Knew how hard she hit when she was in distress
You have witnessed her blossom, her breakdown, her aging agelessness

If you die first, will she shed a tear?
Or will she let you go on, living like this?
Alive, but dead already.

When you close your eyes before you sleep, is it her you twirl,
barefoot on the dance floor of this life?
Does she tell you how much life would be drained from her heart if you were to leave her?
Does she know you were asleep half your life, and have finally awoken?
Does it ache, knowing she is still asleep herself?


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