Midnight Agony

She aches
From the drugs her alter ego has done
Late at night
She sweeps up the sweetest high
Cradles it between her thighs
Slides calloused palms across his thoughtless forehead
And lies,
beneath the stone arch of his inhuman brow.

In between her toes-
Sticky like honey; sweet when she sang the words perfectly
don’t mess up
don’t mess up
Sing from phantom lungs
See with serpent eyes
Pray for nothing more than consistency.
Call her babe, sweetie or baby
As she slowly drowns in his emotional brainwashing

Cradle scissors that cut the strings of
Midnight love making to a brick wall, porno-flick vision of a person she thought she knew so well.

Make abuse seem funny
Make abuse seem kidding
Make her feel like a joke,
That will never be something to NOT laugh at.

Laugh at the dark sides of the peripheral vision
At the fragments, the chipped memory and the scorching nostalgia.
Beat submission into fire and ice– Make it dance before her glossy eyes
Stripping her silk nightgown from her body’s restlessness
Seeps her teeth into the nightmares
His claws into her grounding
Fill the air with A. tired
With B. drained
With C. do you even love her?
Inspire questions to slide across stomach ulcers
“Should I stay or should I leave ” national anthems
Sifting in silence
Pacing for answers

Fallen teardrops for miscommunication
For hope in lost kisses in lost time
Freedom from the cloudy skies

To his dismay she steps down from the pedestal
sweeps up the sweetest high between her thighs
holds the candle close to her lips,
and blows out the light into the night.


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