The Texture of Hope

The texture of hope
Glides across my skin like invisible wings
Floating in the distance
Only to reach my shoulders,
Like a heavy fallen chapter.

If I leave this earth, too soon
I will not misplace the magic sound of laughter
Or forget how the sky shivers in metallic color
on mornings I’m still warm inside the covers.
I will replay the home cooked meals,
the scent of garlic filling the hallway of my memory.

If I have to leave this earth too soon,
I will be awake.
I will leave a light on for you,
Because I know you will be searching for me.
I will stay up to greet the sunrise ,
And kiss the flecks of peace in the creases of your smile.

To leave this earth too soon,
Would ache
From losing time;
to witness it slip indifferently through my weary fingertips.
It would bark incessantly into the night
“Stay up with me”,  it would plead, “until the moonlight falls asleep”
And we would lay, in admiration
Until we followed suit.


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