Sexuality and Spiritual Connections

Sexuality is a very interesting concept when thought of in higher consciousness isn’t it?
It can bend with the breeze, or plant its roots heavily in one spot.
It is a deeply personal, and animalistic urge, sensation, desire, craving & routine.
It contains an urgent need for security, lust, passion, adoration, and love.

I am the part of society that does not see men and women as black and white, but as a multitude of different kinds of human beings.
I see our differences and similarities as insurmountable pieces,
to puzzles that cannot be categorized by two genders.

I believe sexuality can personally be an internal fluidity.
It can dictate much more of certain people’s lives than others.
To be born a straight male, and comfortably live that lifestyle must be a vastly different experience, than of a girl constantly re-evaluating her sexuality, in a process which is less in confusion than in awe,  of its ever rise and fall , ocean wave of lust and electricity it carries throughout the body.

Kissing her was like lighting candles on a cake,
her long hair in my fingertips, soft lips against mine,
pretty smile, body pressed against me,
Let me love all the pieces that feel heavy

To anyone my spirit is drawn to,
you hold more romance in an eye contact fling
than marriage affair anniversaries.
The flickering meeting of my soul with yours;
whether you regret it by morning,
or cherish it behind closed doors,
your presence never leaves me.


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