No Shame November

I experienced a lot of shame expressing my interest in participating in
No Shave November back in High school, when I first found out about, to be an annual event that took place among men, which sort of jokingly existed as some lazy “brotherly” bond. These men, (who often shame females who desire to participate in the activity) must think and behave in this manner I assume due to poor explanation of female power and capabilities, by their parents.But whatever reason for its existence, woman body shaming must be addressed.

Perhaps this behavior and delusional perspective on what a woman is, steams from our society’s warped image of what the perfect woman looks like, thus pressuring woman to go to great lengths to be HER– a mystical illusion of what a woman truly is. We women are often brainwashed to believe:
A. We MUST look like HER and
B. That ultimate happiness will come to us, only once we change and transform into HER…..

During this heart breaking process we are forgetting we are..
We are forgetting how beautiful we already were to begin with…
We forget how magnificent we were in our parents eyes, the day we were born
The day they held a body they created together; your body.
The body that formed naturally.
The body that contains the genetic makeup of your parents.
Body modification is almost like criticizing them in a way; criticizing your entire bloodline, for not being the “perfect” image projected in the era you exist in.
You can negate our true selves, but the truth is, we will still create babies born as pure as we once were, containing the ingredients we are told is not good enough by an industry whose intent is to MAKE MONEY.
We forget where we come from, and how beautiful the heart is inside of us.

This isn’t just about body modification, it’s about accepting our bodies for the way that they are. Just naturally. The body that your mind, your heart, and your lungs exist inside of. The body that is not a canvas, or a molding statue
The body that is a vehicle, a machine
Our means to accessing a 3D physical world, a soul having a human experience.
Receiving shame for wanting to participate in No Shave November delayed my bravery for 7 years! Until finally, one October I decided it was time.
It was 2016, and I was ready.

With an open, body positive partner, who would not shame my decision.
With courage and bravely to stop doing what I had routinely done every other day since I was 13 (11 years of my life ) At 24, a proudly educated feminist and courageous woman,
I decided to finally commit to stop shaving completely for ONE MONTH starting November 1-December 1 for No Shave November.
Which after researching had nothing to do with gender at all but existed as a cancer awareness project. But like breast cancer awareness (which is often projected to the public as a PINK, woman only cancer) has become propaganda and gender limiting.

My No Shave November experience felt like the longest month..
Which really surprised me, as my reaction to my body hair was discomfort.
At first it was just weird that every other day wasn’t shaving day.
But once it grew, it became challenging to enjoy the way it looked on my feminine frame.
While I enjoyed not having the burden of shaving on my agenda, my conditioning of what femininity is/should be was challenged all month long, each time I got naked.
I am both intrigued and disappointed by my reaction for my first No Shave November.
I was hoping to feel more bad-ass, more radical, more liberated. Instead, I just felt warmer, challenged by my commitment, and dysmorphic of my body.

Come December, I couldn’t wait to shave, oddly enough. I missed my silky legs, and not seeing hair whenever I lifted my arms. It was an exercise that really made me value my femininity. But it also really got me thinking…
how personal body hair decisions are. Women should not be ostracized for choosing to keep body hair that will naturally grow anyway. Obviously hygiene and accessibility are issues ,  but with enough care it is not a valid argument.
No Shave November was liberating to realize I wasn’t continuing to shave my legs because I had to, but because I wanted to, and that was what was most empowering of all.


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