Once upon a December

When I was young my parents were frequently attending Fleetwood Mac concerts; it was music that generally swam from speaker to speaker throughout my household.
In the sixth grade, my mother had me listen to “Beautiful Child” in our candle lit living room. I remember crying my eyes out, silently as Stevie Nicks belted her sadness and truth… it was the most beautiful song I had ever heard.
Since I have been 17, “Dreams” continues to be one of, if not the most meaningful song in my life. I could listen to it all day if I had to.

Last night, I finally had the time and financial opportunity to see Stevie Nicks, live in concert. It was a very personal tour, at a wonderfully genuine and raw time in her life; a wonderful opportunity for me to finally see someone that not only was idolized and appreciated by my father, but someone who deeply inspired me.
She sang each song just as heartfelt as she had years before I existed, sharing the thoughts and meaning behind every song, along with the writing process that took place years ago. It was a highly personal and beautiful show. I had almost wished she could stop entertaining me, and we could sit down together with two bottles of aged pinot noir and talk about life.
Her feminine, soothing, nurturing, healing energies, accompanied by her melodic and flawlessly harmonious voice were swimming effortlessly through the entire amphitheater last night, just like they once did years ago, through the speakers of my childhood home. Only this time, it was not my dad listening with me, but Stevie in the same room as me.

What a meaningful night


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