that hole inside
thats keeping me awake at night,
teaches me to worship sleep,
it is what has me split in two
it is unconditionally committing to loving you
far away or within reach
a love that has no end

It wraps you deep inside my forest hungry heart
has you licking your chops, the tip of your tongue against my forget-me-knots
we loved each other madly
blindly our fingertips discovered the way home

I love you like a thunderstorm
Sparks ignite when you connect eyes with mine
I am wet thighed, hair disheveled, in love with the formation of your vibration and the exhilaration moan of you inside me

You love me like snow, softly falling onto rooftops
Your gentle, sometimes tumultuous radiance sits beautiful at it’s stillest
My wish list for us is an innocent antique pendant
I will pin it gently against your treasure chest
and treasure you like no one else has

That hole inside
that keeps us both awake at night
it aches to be filled with love’s iridescence
teaches us to admire dreams
where we are on the same team
always winning.


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