Where are we going?


I spend just about every weekend with my girlfriend, and each time she leaves me, alone with the city, I find that I am explicitly curious about the future. As a person who once had difficulty kicking the past’s shadow from my heels, I now marvel at the forward direction I aim to steer myself in. Although inspiring,  I can’t help finding myself puzzled by where exactly I am headed.

I truly believe in manifestation and envisioning. Upon finding enlightenment in 2014 (if one can even conclude that they are in fact, enlightened), projecting my dreams as reality  has become a deeply rooted conviction of mine. But cultivating the motivation for such a focused disposition can be incredibly challenging. Motivation is this strange, but necessary component to manifestation. It is a tall ladder to climb, requiring energy from both the heart and the brain. It is a silent rival until you’ve befriended its audacity and accepted its boisterous attitude of “LETS DO THIS”! Without this integral piece of the process we wouldn’t have the drive to move forward, one step at a time.

The point is,  when you realize along the way, once you have finally adopted a positive, growth mind-set, that the end result is truly up to you, it dawns on you, that you can have any life that you imagine. It’s an incredibly empowering, and ultimately life changing notion, to realize you had the power inside you all along.

The secret is to believe it is all possible. Convince yourself, no matter how mad people view you, convince yourself it is the ultimate way. Believe in it wholeheartedly, the way you believed in Santa Clause as a kid; you didn’t need proof to believe in the magic in your own heart. As adults we are often conditioned to think we are expected to have all the answers, and in order to obtain all the answers we limit ourselves to one biased way of thinking. But the truth is that you can still believe in magic as an adult without having all the answers. You can surrender to the universe, trusting in its divine timing around your purpose.  You are allowed to still believe in good luck and karma; to hold faith in a future filled with wonderful things. Do not let the world harden you as you age. Do not allow judgments from others to result in a loss of confidence in miracles.
Attract the miracles you believe in. Believe magic is meant for you.
Allow yourself to sink deeply into these uncomfortable,  tedious, challenging times– for they hold the most beautiful lessons, which will enrich and evolve you into who you were destined to become.
No one said it would be easy. So breathe through it; go easy on yourself. Enjoy this amazing, life journeying process to getting to where you need to go– where you are meant to be.
Without knowing exactly where you are headed, trust that you will get there when your tasks are completed and your lessons have been studied and genuinely embraced. This life is yours! Delight in its magic. But most of all, enjoy the journey.

Paige Camille Bevando


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